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The Benefits of Outsourced Marketing for Small Businesses

Published:, April 27, 2010
Author: Ian Johnson

When it comes to competing against their competition, more and more small business are calling upon outsourced marketing firms to level the playing field.

It’s a way for small businesses to control costs, increase market share, and compete for the same customers where their lower overhead can help make the difference between business won and lost. At the end of the day, it’s all about perception, and if perception is truly 100% reality, then small businesses can compete on the global stage with the help of outside marketing experts.

Why is There a Disconnect Between Marketing and New Businesses?

Unfortunately, a number of new businesses lack the understanding as to the benefits that marketing brings. Marketing can be viewed as a company’s engineering, design, production, sales, customer service, and shipping, all rolled into one all-encompassing message to a company’s customers, and the market it services. Marketing is everything a company does well, available for all customers to see. However, many small businesses view marketing as an afterthought, or something that’s done in their spare time. However, if a company has a true plan for growth, then it must involve a marketing plan that identifies and closes on opportunities.

How Can an Outside Marketing Firm Help a New Business?

Outsourced marketing firms have the knowledge, expertise and experience to get a new business off the ground running. They are market experts who not only bring an in-depth knowledge of the market itself, but also invaluable information on how to maximize brand and name recognition so that customers come to see a company as the first, and only, option. In addition, marketing firms allow businesses to address a need, while not devoting too much of their labor, and time, to a function that they may not have a full understanding of. After all, for some companies, marketing is nothing more than simply coming up with a new brochure, blog or web-page, and not actually giving these things the greatest chance of success by devoting any time to making sure they entice customers.

Among the immediate savings outsourced marketing brings to new enterprises includes turning a fixed labor cost, such as a full time marketing employee, into a variable cost. This allows new businesses to control when they institute a new marketing plan, how much they spend, and provides the marketing firm ample time to review the benefit of the plans, and make adjustments accordingly. Added benefits include ensuring that the sales department have fresh new leads to work on, and are never allowed to become too complacent. Other benefits include gaining a greater recognition of the market the company services, gathering various prices in the market, and understanding where their competition’s strengths and weaknesses lie. The market a company services includes more than just customer information. It is essential for companies to understand not only how to gather this information, but ho to disseminate the information as well.

For companies that have just started, there is nothing more important than to have a competitive cost advantage on both its products, and its business operations. By keeping business costs low, outsource marketing firms can also help new businesses secure new customer leads, gather market information, and deliver a strong message to customers, and the market that company services. It’s about being cost competitive, and having as many opportunities to close as possible.


About the Author

Ian Johnson is a contributing writer for with over 15 years of experience in production cell management, contract negotiation, production throughput analysis and cycle time management.

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